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How To Get A Large Penis

There are several advantages big penis. Not only help to increase self-confidence are better in bed, and a sense of self-confidence and, in some cases doubled in three people in bed. You can last longer, have stronger erections, and to meet with the girls better in bed. Read to find some of the most mind blowing ways on how to get a larger penis and to achieve the devastating results do not have time ...

Before you begin Before you go to the penis, you know that most people on this planet mean that they are between 5-7 cm. If something in this range than you're average, even if you feel that you more than you should go to the penis.

There are many penis pill pill on the market that help to fast effective results. Now is not nothing without consulting a doctor at the same time be cautious companies that claim to extend the penis at night, but no products that seem to be working.

Exercises-This is the most natural and inexpensive way to extend the penis. You can choose a natural penis exercises, which are found in different books are used to extend the penis, penis, of course, have the time.

Surgery should be now very fast results, but you should only select this option if you have lower than average penis enlargement and you desperately need. This method should be a little expensive, but certainly effective.

Measuring Your Penis Size- From Abnormally Large Penis

Today I like to Discuss one of the important matter that is Does really matter ? i found one of important article on the internet which i like to shart with you.

Ask ANY women if size matters and the probable response you will get is "of course not". So if this is the case how come women constantly make jokes over size? And brag when their partner has got a big penis? They also secretly claim sex is better with a bigger penis? No wonder us men are confused. I decided to conduct my own research and get an honest view on whether size does really matter. You can find information on that research in the section called "Does Size Matter" before reading that though lets see how you measure up on average to everyone else, lets measure your penis.

The following information and pictures have been provided by the site that helped me the most, that is of course At Penis-Health they also have larger pictures and better quality pictures as well as videos tutorials on how to measure your penis. This can help if the pictures are not clear enough below:

Measuring The Flaccid Length:

The flaccid length of the penis can be dictated by many things, including the temperature. This might mean that you have contradicting results depending on the temperature of the situation that you are in. Flaccid gains are the first gains that come with a penis enlargement program, to keep results accurate we have a certain standardized way of measuring the flaccid penis. To measure accurately it is important that you measure from the side of the penis. Stand up straight and extend your flaccid penis in front of you (it important NOT to stretch it), your penis should now be parallel with the floor. Place the ruler next to your penis so it is slightly pressing against the pubic bone. The ruler and your penis should be parallel with each other (as shown in the video).

Measuring The Erect Length:

The erect length is what most members are interested in. Again it is best to measure from the side of the penis. This method is the standardized method that researchers use to measure the "average penis size" which is incidentally between 6" - 6.5" erect length. Firstly make sure you have a 100% erection where you would consider it the "most erect". Hold your penis below the head and place the ruler next to it with your other hand. The ruler should be slightly pressing against your pubic bone. Measure to the nearest millimetre and it is important that you do not EXAGGERATE the measurement, if anything it is recommended that you under exaggerate. Exaggeration on the measurement could lead to a lack of motivation in the future. Make sure you do the right one!

Measuring The Flaccid Girth:

The girth can be extremely awkward to measure because many people have different size girth measurements depending on which part of the penis that you measure. The standardized way is to measure in the centre of the penis shaft. When flaccid hold your penis out in front of you and wrap a tape measure around your penis. Do not pull the tape measure too hard, pull it to a reasonable level and remember this LEVEL of pull for the next time you measure. The average flaccid length of girth is between 3"-4". In our photographs the model as a large flaccid length and girth it is likely that yours will be smaller.

Measuring The Erect GIrth:

Make sure your penis is 100% erect and then proceed with the measuring. Hold your penis out in front of you so it is parallel with the floor. With your other hand place the tape measure around the penis making sure not to pull too tight. The average erect girth is 5" - 5.5" according to recent surveys conducted.

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Enlarge Your Penis With Penis Health

1. Permanent Penis Enlargement

Our exceptional program will start so you can increase within 2 weeks with just 6 minutes of exercise per day. Our original set of exercises that our full-time research teams have just added do wonders with our members. You can not find these exercises anywhere. Achieving the desired size can only end with our unique program.

2. Control ejaculations and develop your sex life

You learn how to better control their first ejaculation. This means you can only orgasm when you want. You and your partner happy over again before ejaculation. Your penis rock hard erections and greater resistance as sex will result in greater sex.

3. Develop confidence and self esteem

Having a small penis, which make you feel inferior and uncomfortable. Your confidence with women and sex will be low. We have shown that sensuality comes from trust. After a more muscular penis will give more complete and reliable.

4. Health of the prostate and impotence

One of the causes of impotence is a healthy and weak penis with poor circulation. We show you how to improve your penis so that in the coming years is still an active sex life while other inferior people are working very hard to achieve an erection. With our program you can rock hard erections.

5. Produce 3 times more semen

Our unique techniques really win the amount of sperm produced. He no longer ashamed to flow around your girlfriend drowned in their semen. All this is possible.

6. Perk

Double your sexual desire and stamina: Our exceptional guide doubles your sexual desire and stamina. 100% of the respondents gave the profits from the number of times that he wanted sex, probably because the developed trust among other things, a bigger penis. 100% of people said that they could have their ability to ejaculate whenever they wanted, that sexual stamina, meaning you could have sex until their partner was completely satisfied improves control.

Increased penis head size: After a long trial period of testing, our research teams have determined a series of exercises to the size of the head of the penis. The result of incredible mushroom shape and increased its sensitivity.

The straightening of the penis: If you have a bent penis can be very inconvenient for you and your partner. Our program can help stretch the penis and improve look exactly as you want. You can also see the following changes to the successful completion of our program:

• harder erections in sex.
• Ability to get an erection whenever you want
• Make her wheeze when she sees your penis for the first time
• Enjoy yourself and the possibility of multiple orgasms
• Your new penis will finally achieve the elusive "G-Spot"

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Grow bigger penis -Only Safe Way That Guarantees You Extra Inches.

Want to know how to grow a bigger penis? If so, then you're not alone. Millions of people worldwide are seeking a safe way to earn extra inches. The reasons are very clear. You can give the woman more pleasure during sexual intercourse, a penis as thick and long for all the pleasure centers in the vagina and can cause much more intense stimulation. You radiate with confidence, knowing that you might meet a woman he desires. This lets you get closer to women than previously too self-conscious standards. The days of anxiety is over and your sex life will become a source of pride, but shame.

As you can see, you can increase your virility really change your life. The best thing is that there are, of course, the excellent results you can without using a methodology potentially dangerous, such as:

       * Pickups: They have no lasting effect, and may contain harmful substances, since they are not regulated by the FDA.
       * Creams / Lotions: all you can do is temporarily increase blood flow and note that some creams can cause infection.
       * Pumps: results disappear after a few minutes and can cause penile tissue damage and lack of movement.
       * Pendant Weight: This technique can result in painful injuries.
       * Surgery: a surgery can cost over $ 5000 and still does not guarantee good results. Sometimes you can add about 1 cm long, but nothing is certain. Although surgery has many potential side effects such as distortion, scarring and loss of sensitivity.

Actually, it is possible to increase the size of less than a month of use of a completely natural and safe method. This male enhancement program includes exercises you can do in the privacy of home, with only his hands 2.
It takes 10 minutes a day for 4-5 times a week for a longer and thicker penis to grow and any additional growth will be permanent.

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Penis Enlargement - Real Results Or a Real Flop?

There are many ways one can go when dealing with penis enlargement. There are pills, pumps, creams, devices and exercises. Ill go over some of these right now.

Pills - If you think you can take a pill and make your penis enlarge, you might be crazy! Smilin' Bob was a funny commercial, but these don't work for growth.

Pumps - While they will suck blood into your penis like a vacuum and make it swell up, the results are not permanent and you could risk permanent damage to your penis if you over pump. That's enough for me to stay the heck away.

Creams - Um..please refer to the pills description!

Devices - These do work, if you pick the right one. Don't go cheap on these if you want results. The good thing about penis enlargement devices is that you don't have to do any of the work - the device does it all for you. Like anything, this will take time, but if you stick to it you can expect some good gains.

Exercises - Like devices, these also work. You have to stick to a regular "workout" schedule and do not over do it. Just like working out with weights, your penis needs time to rest after a workout. I recommend exercise 3 times a week to start and don't go over 4 days a week.

I have personally used a penis enlargement device, exercises and a pump. I used the pump when I was 16 years old and I'm lucky my penis still functions. I would literally watch tv in my room and have that thing pumping for hours! When my penis started to take on a funky shape (top heavy is a good description), I stopped using it.

My favorite right now is exercises. I have grown over 2 inches and don't need to use the device any more. By exercising my penis 3 times a week, I keep it in shape and living large. My favorite exercise is the PC flex, not because you can do it anywhere, but because it makes your erections as hard as a rock. You feel like you can bust through a brick wall with this one!

If you would like to exercise for penis enlargement, you can visit a website I found that has free exercises explained for you. It also has some videos. Check it out and keep at will see results.

To learn the penis enlargement exercises that helped me grow my little friend into a man, just visit Free Penis Exercises. You will see results right away (especially girth), but you have to stick to it to become a champion. It's not that hard, you can do it!

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Why do people not believe in penis enlargement when it has been proved?

Despite increasing medical proof that increasing your penis length is attainable, penis enlargement is still regarded by some with scepticism.

The main problem is the number of fake devices on the market. With no clinical trials or backing to prove their credibility, these devices have infiltrated many facets of the industry and as a result have further encouraged the mythology surrounding penis enlargement.

Yet this is far from the truth.

Look a little closer and you’ll find a number of different traction devices that have got the recommendations, the backing and the clinical proof that natural penis enlargement is possible.

SizeGenetics – who are they?

Made from medical type 1 materials, the SizeGenetics device is arguably one of the leading penis stretching devices on the market today, and one of the first to get genuine medical recognition. The medically endorsed penis traction device has been clinically proven to increase penis lengths by 30%; correct penile curvatures and erectile dysfunction, and improve general sexual intercourse.

Yet their recognition as a proven penis enlargement device extends far beyond the medical field. SizeGenetics have also been featured in GQ magazine and on Channel 4’s ‘Extreme Male Beauty’ for its ability to help men attain natural penis enlargement.

SizeGenetics featured in GQ Magazine

Impressed by SizeGenetics numerous clinical studies and medical endorsements, GQ magazine decided to feature the device in their May 2008 issue. A feature that was unpaid for by SizeGenetics.

Tested for a period of 4 months by their feature writer James Mullinger, although he did not wear the device for the full recommended hours, he still achieved a penis increase of half an inch in his length. However he had to stop after concerns about getting too big:

"It just grows and grows. The device clearly works but I'm not sure I want it to continue. There's only so much a woman can take and I'm wary of getting addicted to the growth." James Mullinger, GQ Magazine.

Read the entirety of GQ’s SizeGenetics article.

Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty

Interested in answering the age old question of whether natural penis enlargement is possible, Channel 4 reporter Tim Shaw decided to give a number of different penis enlargement methods a try on national television to see if they worked.

Testing each method over a period of 2 weeks – Tim took a cast of his penis both before and after the experiment, and discovered that he managed to acquire a natural penis growth of half an inch.

An increase that has remained with him long after the show has ended.

Learn more about Tim’s fantastic enlargement gains on Extreme Male Beauty.

Medical backing and endorsements

Alongside SizeGenetics increasing recognition within the media for its penis enlargement capabilities, SizeGenetics has developed a strong standing within the medical community itself.

Having undergone numerous clinical studies since its creation in 1994, SizeGenetics is now medically endorsed by over 13 doctors who all commend it for its ability to encourage safe natural lengthening and growth.

"The patients who were treated with the device without previous surgical lengthening achieved an average lengthening of the penis at erection of 2.8cm (range 1.5 - 5.0cm)" – Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D., Specialist in General and Plastic Surgery

The Results

Whilst penis enlargement may feel like a myth to many, SizeGenetics have gone out of their way to prove that penis enlargement is attainable.

Having already helped over 13,000 of their customers to increase their penis length by 2-3 inches, SizeGenetics have translated these successes onto their website by providing their consumers with penis enlargement testimonials .

Here SizeGenetics have provided visual proof that their device does work by showing ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots of all their case studies. Photographs that clearly demonstrate an increase in length through the application of their device.

Combine all these facets together – GQ Magazine, Channel 4 and their medical endorsements - and SizeGenetics is a clear example that increasing your penis length is possible with the right device.
For more information about the SizeGenetics device, please visit the official home page at

Andrew Coyne is a leading expert in the area of general penis health and safe, medically endorsed penis enlargement methods.

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How to Increase Your Penis Size to a Whopping 9.5 Inches!

I would first like to say, I have tried every penis enhancement technique in the book. Everything from penis pills to penis pumps, AND NONE OF THEM WORKED. I spent boat loads of money trying to improve my manhood. Then one day I stumbled across a natural penis enhancement technique and the rest is history!
With in 80 days, I gained 3.6 inches in erect length and almost 1 full inch in erect girth. I was completely blown away how well this natural penis enhancement technique worked. In addition, I gained more control over ejacultion. Suddenly, I went from being able to last 30 minutes in bed, to well over an hour. So needless to say, I got way more than I had bargained for.
I feet the need to share this natural penis technique with anyone that isn't comfortable with their penis size, because it really works, as I am a walking testimony. Some people refer to this natural penis enhancement technique as jelqing. What this technique is, is a series of penis exercises performed with your hand. These exercises only take about 5 minutes per day, and noticeable gains can be seen in as quickly as 10 days.
Now that I've got your attention, I want to tell you how to implement these exercise. Find a reliable penis enhancement program, preferably one with a money back guarantee. Perform the exercises for 5-10 minutes, on a daily basis. These exercises will increase blood flow in the penis, causing it to expand!
This penis enhancement technique can add 2-5 inches in penis length and up to more than an inch in girth.
These exercises are very secret in nature, and highly effective The best part is, if the exercise are done correctly, the results are permanent. If you can spare 5 minute per day, for 3-6 months, you will have a 8 or 9 inch penis for the rest of your life. I don't know about you, but to me, it was a very small price to pay.
It's sad to say, but I almost passed up this amazing penis enhancement opportunity, due to being burned so many times, by junk products that don't work. Luckily the program I found offered a 90 day money back guarantee, so I decided to give it a shot! This technique has sadly, never been commercialized, because drug companies want to charge the big bucks for penis pills.
The worst thing about penis enhancement pills is they have a small army of undesirable side effects. In addition, these pills don't have any proof of working for anything more than a short-term solution.
If you are interested in a completely safe, cost efficient method to enhance your penis size, and your love life, you are in luck. I have provided the link for the same program I used, to get 3.6 inches in erect length, and almost a full inch in erect girth.
For the many inquiries I receive in regards to increasing penis size naturally, I highly suggest checking out: Great Penis Exercises
If you are interested in seeing a unbiased product review of natural penis programs, I suggest checking out: How To Get A Bigger Penis
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